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If you are planning a special function and would like to do something a little different, consider a Murder Mystery! Audience size can range from as little as 50 people up to 200. Running time is typically about 2.5 hours long. 

The diners are not just passive observers of the entertainment but can participate actively by playing detective and questioning each of the characters individually in an attempt to deduce "who dunnit". Prior to the climax of the show, ballots are passed around to all of the diners and they can indicate who they think the culprit (or culprits) is (or are) and why.

After the finale and all has been revealed, the ballots are sorted and two prizes are awarded. One ballot is drawn from those that have correctly fingered the guilty party and the person that submitted that ballot wins a prize. The remaining prize is awarded to the person that submits the most creative or amusing reasoning for their deduction, even if it isn't the correct one.

We can tailor an existing script or create a new story line to follow just about any theme you might require. For more information regarding our Murder Mysteries, please email us. 

Sample Mysteries

Rustic Apple Pie

One Bad Apple

The town of Crabtree Corners's annual celebrity apple pie bake-off takes a sinister turn.

Image by kazuend

Exterminator Surprise

The Dolan Brothers' motto: "Something Bugging You? We have the solution." Unfortunately, bugs aren't the only thing to get squashed in this scenario.

Wedding Guests Dancing

The Legend of Sleepy Head

I.C. Bob Crane, president and CEO of Crane Pharmaceuticals and Remedies has recently awaken from a coma and is throwing a coming out party.

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