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Thanks for your support!

We thank you so much for your support! 

The show is over and we are tired now. But we will be back.. OH YES we will, But until then, wait for tickets to come on sale for Rumors -
Neil Simon. 
Join us!
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Message from the President

Hello and welcome!!

After a successful run of our Pantomime I am pleased to announce that we will be holding a spring play. This year we have choosen Runors

                               by Neil Simon. 

And to be directed by Cathy Dowsett

"Rumors" is a farcical comedy play written by Neil Simon. The story revolves around a dinner party that goes awry, leading to a series of misunderstandings and humorous chaos. The play opens with guests arriving at the home of the Deputy Mayor of New York, Charlie Brock, and his wife, Myra. However, the hosts are nowhere to be found, and the guests soon discover that Charlie has accidentally shot himself, and Myra is missing.

As the evening progresses, the characters attempt to cover up the incident to protect Charlie's political career. The guests, who are prominent individuals themselves, become embroiled in a web of lies and confusion. The situation becomes increasingly absurd as more guests arrive, each adding their own layer of misunderstanding.

Throughout the play, Neil Simon employs witty dialogue, clever wordplay, and situational comedy to create a fast-paced and hilarious farce. As the characters struggle to maintain the facade of normalcy, the audience is treated to a comedic exploration of social dynamics, relationships, and the absurd lengths people will go to in order to save face.

"Rumors" is known for its sharp humor, well-crafted characters, and the chaos that ensues as the characters try to unravel the truth behind the rumors. The play showcases Neil Simon's mastery of comedic writing and has been a popular choice for productions since its premiere.

I will run April 25th  through April 28th 2023 at the Ron Kolbus Lakeside Centre.

We hope to see you there!

Harold Swaffield

President - The Lakeside Players Ottawa

Photo provided by: 
Michelle Stewart Photography

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