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Welcome to The Lakeside Players


Oh yes it is!.......our 24th November Panto! 

Camelot - by Ben Crocker


A madcap comedic adventure written by famed panto playwright Ben Crocker  that takes the classic Camelot tale and retells it in a zany interactive way . This Traditional British style panto is fun for both kids and kids at heart. You will have the opportunity to boo the bad guys, cheer the good guys, and sing along to some of your favorite songs. Come join are wonderfully talented cast of 40 and be part of the legend that is Camelot! 

Directed by Don Fex, Cathy Dowsett and Chris Lucas

November 5th through 8th, 2015 at the Ron Kolbus Lakeside Centre 
~Britannia Park~

November 5th - 7:00
November 6th - 7:00
November 7th - 11:00 and 3:00

SOLD OUT SUNDAY NOVEMBER 8TH - With thanks to all! 

The Show has been cast. Thank you for your interest.

Morgan Le Fay -Sadie Lantz

Valerin the Viscious - Raina Barara

Valerin's Mum - Vanessa Cook

King Uther - Ann Empey

Laughalot - Gabriel DeRooy

Prince Arthur - Jennie Burns

Guinevere - Nichole Perera

Nell - Rachel Rumstein

Connie Clatterbottom - Adam Goldberg

Teddy -Clara Von Maltzahn

Merlin - Nikola Mitric

Young Merlin - Poppy Von Maltzahn

Marlon - Blake Reilly

Nilrem - Katie MacIntosh

Garlon the invisible knight  - Chris Lucas

Very young Merlin -Dax Cooper


  ~ Our general phone line for inquiry and tickets 613-667-2224 ~



The Lakeside Players is a volunteer, non-profit organization. We rely on ticket sales and sponsorships to cover expenses. Volunteers provide all behind-the-scenes effort, including set and lighting design, stage management, production, costumes, etc.

If you are interested in participating in a "behind the scenes" role in this or any production, please send an email info@lakesideplayers.com.  Please indicate which part of the production interests you in your email!! Thank you!


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