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Welcome to The Lakeside Players

Oh YES IT IS... Tickets are NOW ON-SALE for our 25th annual Pantomime,

Once Upon a Time
By - Paul Barron and Sarah Dyson

 Mark your calendars - 
Show dates: Thursday November 10 - Sunday November 13th, 2016
<- They are on-sale - see? Problems have been FIXED!!

Get your Panto ON!!

The daughter of Cinderella is about to marry the son of Snow White, banishing evil from Pantoland forever or so the ancient prophecy says. Naturally the baddies aren't taking this lying down! Evelyn, the wickedest of wicked witches, spirits Princess Lottie and her two idiot helpers Nick and Nack away from the palace and drops them on the edge of Pantoland in the hopes that Prince Marvellous will despair and abandon his plans to marry her. Of course, the Prince embarks on a rescue mission, but what lies in store for him?




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Saturday, April 16, 2016
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