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Auditions for

Sinners - Norm Foster
January 22nd, 23rd, 2017 - 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Ron Kolbus Lakeside Centre
102 Greenview Dr.

This is an open audition. You will be required to read a portion of the script with others in front of a few people and act out some scenes.
There are no other requirements.

A furniture store owner is having an affair with the local minister’s wife. The situation becomes complicated when the minister comes home unexpectedly. An intricate web of deceit is hilariously exposed as the police, members of the parish and the women’s auxiliary all get involved.

Reverend Lloyd - 35 - 60 years
Monica Lloyd - 35 - 60 years
Peter Kramer - 35 - 60 years
Dianne Gillis - 35 - 60 years
Roy Cavanaugh - 35 - 60 years
Carolyn Cavanaugh - 35 - 60 years

Directed by Harold Swaffield

To book your audition send an email to 

if the link above does not work, send your email to auditions@lakesideplayers.com





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